Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a convenient, non-invasive method for reducing or removing unwanted facial or body hair. It leaves the skin looking smoother and silkier than waxing, sugaring, electrolysis or razors and is a gentle technique that can treat larger areas effectively with minimal discomfort and with no downtime.



Photorejuvenation is a convenient, non-invasive laser treatment commonly used to treat pigmented lesions such as sun damaged skin, age spots and freckles, as well as, vascular lesions such as spider veins and telangiectasia. KDG Laser Treatment Centre offers a gentle technique with minimal discomfort and no downtime.


 Fractional Resurfacing

At KDG Laser Treatment Centre we utilize Sublative Rejuvenation for fractional resurfacing. Sublative rejuvenation provides an affordable, effective, minimal downtime treatment for the reduction of wrinkles, scars, striae (stretch marks), uneven skin tone and texture, acne scarring and other skin imperfections. Depending on the selected course of treatment, downtime can vary from two to five days—which can be customized to fit your schedule and your needs.


 Skin Tightening & Improving Skin Texture

Laser skin tightening at KDG Laser Treatment Centre is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure with minimal discomfort and no down time. Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment. Additional skin tightening occurs over the next few months. Optimal results require 3 – 5 treatments performed once per month followed by maintenance treatments once every 6 months.


 Nail Fungus Treatment

The newest way to stay fungus-free is with lasers! We can treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) symptoms locally without the side effects of oral medications, topical creams, or surgical removal of the nail. It is a convenient, non-invasive, simple, safe, and effective procedure which requires no downtime.



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